Books, books and more books.

Lately, I have had my antiques and railwayana hats on. Now I need to concentrate on art for a short while as we have an exhibition coming up.This morning I looked at the calendar and realised it’s not much more than 6 weeks until we set up the Book Lounge at Glastonbury.

So, do we have enough books?

Despite the huge piles cluttering every space in the building, the answer is – not yet.

We have boxes of modern  American comics Рthey are too adult for the Book Lounge.

We have ‘collectable’ vintage children’s books – they are too vulnerable for an outside event – and too pricey.

We have lovely large-format children’s hardbacks – they are too heavy to transport (except for a few extra-specials).

We have many, many boxes of books for grown-ups – they are too boring for children – or unsuitable in myriad different ways.

So, over the next week or two, I will be sorting through the pile of boxes set aside for this year’s Book Lounge and planning where I might find the extras needed to make up the numbers and quality of books we need.

Children are such discerning readers, it is not easy – but it is fun.