Book Lounge Bach

It’s been a long time since I posted here!

No Glastonbury in 2012 combined with a shoulder injury to put the Book Lounge out of my thoughts.

But we were back in Green Kids this year and it was as if we had never been away.

All the usual happy things happened. Children were avidly looking for books on our shelves and relaxing in our “quiet” space (there were some pretty loud beats from behind our field but somehow it didn’t matter). Families came in and read together. Some had quiet snoozes. Some had picnics under the oak tree.

We had a lovely time! 

Back home in Newport, Pembrokeshire, our mayor ran a ‘Medieval Fayre’ up at Newport Castle. We offered ‘Book Lounge Bach’ (or mini- in English). We had never tried this before and I was not sure whether it would work without our full set-up – no gingerbread tent not full walls of books – just a lightly decorated gazebo, some rugs and cushions, one bookcase and a few boxes.

It was a beautiful summer’s day – a little too hot for some, which probably helped. I was thrilled when the first child threw herself down with her chosen book and did not want her Mum to drag her away!

We had a series of happy kids all day and I realised that the Book Lounge is more than a hidden corner of Glastonbury.