Summer Reading

The school holidays are in full swing now and there are plenty of families around looking for books to read on the beach or in their holiday cottages.

After Glastonbury, we had a wholesale swap-round of children’s books in our shop. We removed all the existing stock and replaced it with the Book Lounge books.

That was a month ago. Since then the fiction for confident readers (‘chapter books’) has had to be replenished several times. Meanwhile, there still is not room for all the kids’ reference books and littleys’ storybooks. Why? I reckon that a good reader aged (say) 8 – 10 can chomp through a surprising number of novels whilst an under-5 is saying  “Again, again!” for their favourite story. As for the lack of reference book sales, maybe it is just that we have sold all the current crop of  Horrible Histories and others are just too serious for holiday-time.

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