A brain full of fluff

I fondly imagined myself writing witty musings on literary topics – mainly on children’s literature of course – but that includes some of the best there is (not to mention some of the worst).

Strangely, though, the contents of my brain seem to consist mostly of fluff – much more Winnie the Pooh than Owl. At least an hour’s valuable thinking time tonight went something like, “Ner na ner na, shall I cook the fish or the veggie thingies from the freezer? Oooh mustn’t forget to put the recycling out. Ner na ner, could have a shower while the food cooks,” etc, etc.

The comedian Mark Watson says he is going to do a blog every day for 10 years apparently  – phew! Suddenly, I’m impressed.

One of the things blogging demands is a good memory. For a start, to get to this page I had to set up (yet another) password/username combo. I already have 3 for emails, then there’s Amazon, facebook, rail ticket sites (2 or 3 different, can’t really remember), theatre tickets and many more. I don’t think that’s exceptional: there must be plenty of people out there with more online accounts than me.

So, perhaps it would give children a good start in the eworld to start learning to memorise things again. This was on its way out when I was at school – and I have to say I was glad of it, never being great at committing reams of verse to memory. I’ll quickly add (before being lynched by the teachers of my acquaintance) that I’m not suggesting that rote-learning is the way to go! Definitely not! I was thinking of handy tricks to aid the memory; mnemonics, rhymes, patterns, that sort of thing.

Now I think I have worked back round to my previous instalment’s topic; namely good storytime books. Because, what my ‘bests’ seem to have in common is just the sort of patterns that make remembering them easy. If you have read to your own children, siblings, nieces/nephews or kids at nursery/playgroup or if you were read-to as a child, can you recite sections of your favourites? Or the ones that drove you nuts?

For instance, in far-off Langcliffe Playgroup days, we used to do an action rhyme starting, “We’re going on a bear hunt…” It was popular with the kids and I loved doing the actions and noises – “through the short grass, swish, swish, swish; through the long grass, swooooosh, swooooosh, swoooosh….” and so on. A few years later, Michael Rosen made a book of the same story. It’s an excellent book and children love it. We are lucky enough to have a giant-sized version for the Book Lounge and it is one of the most popular Storytime reads.


A new world of blogging

Hello everyone!

Spring is in the air – daffodils are blooming, the sun is out and my thoughts are turning to the book lounge.

Topics for the blog – what are your favourite reading aloud stories for storytime?

We always notice that of the shelves and shelves of books we bring to the book lounge, there are remarkably few that are REALLY GOOD to read out loud to under fives. Especially as we hope to engage the parents’ attention, too.

All time favourites -‘Where the wild things are’ and ‘The very hungry caterpillar.’

Any ideas for more?

Brand new Book Lounge blog!

Hello friends,

Welcome to Carningli Book Lounge on WordPress. We’ll use this blog to look back at past festivals, look forward to future ones, and post interesting book/festival related stuff.

As people who know us will have noticed, we (Mum and I) are increasing the internet presence of all-things-Carningli at the moment, including the Book Lounge. We now have a Facebook page for the Book Lounge and it has its own section on the brand-new Carningli Centre website. Across these media, you will be seeing ever-more photo albums and other interesting titbits, links, etc.

Watch this space…

Alice Xx